Imagine - a growing, thriving business in

3 hours a day, it's totally possible 

I don't have time to work 12 hour days. You don't have time to work 12 hour days. So why do it?

That's why I've created the Streamlined and Sold Out programs.

I want to help you streamline your business and sell out your business so you can have more free time, spend more time with your family having more fun, and create the life you want to live.

Hey there, I'm Chas


I used to jump from one idea to another to create the lifestyle I wanted, but all of them led to one thing… a burnout.


I started a gym when my kids were 2 and 3. Now they’re teenagers, and I have a coaching business… I know what’s it like to be a busy mom like you.


I’ve spent YEARS trying to crack the code and now I help busy moms like you run businesses that generate clients and cash on demand. 


I want to share with you my secret to not only to grow your business but also work for only 3 hours a day, so you have much more time for your family without feeling guilty.


I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, and I just love the 3-hour workday.


If you feel like you should be working more and more… then I have some enlightened news for you… more work doesn’t lead to more money! It just leads to more stress and will get you burnt out!

Let's work together... Momma bear here has you covered for getting new clients in 3 hours/day!

Listen, babe - I know you’re busy.  

I’m not here to bog you down with a super expensive, time-consuming coaching program.

I offer flexible choices for my clients - you can choose to work with me on weekly calls AND voice/text support, or just through voice/text. 

That way, you can grow your business even if you’ve got a small budget, and even if you’re low on time.

I’m here to help moms be the best mom they can be with the most streamlined, profitable business they can have.

Are you ready to have it all?  The clients AND the cashflow?  The quiet mornings with your little one + present moments at the park? No phone dings going off during soccer games?

You don’t have to choose - pick an offer below!

VIP Coaching

For the mom who is ready to take action to do whatever it takes to  get streamlined and sold out. I'm all-in, if you're all-in❤️

8 week Coaching

For the mom who is ready to take serious and fast action into getting more consistent clients in their business. 

Group Membership

For the mom who wants to connect with  others, learn concepts of business and marketing, with a little accountability.

What Customers Say

"I think my favourite thing about working with Chas was how much she believed in me whenever self-doubt threatened to slow me down. She encouraged me to be myself and design my business so it reflects my values. To have someone in your corner 100% was invaluable for a solopreneur like me."


Life Design Coach and mom

“When I first connected with Chas, it felt like the universe knew that I needed help.  She gave me weekly tasks to keep me focused that evolved throughout our time together.  Her guidance has helped me release my old negative self-sabotaging ways and replace it with simple daily habits that are opening the doors to new opportunities.  Working with her was worth it because I’ve been able to generate new leads, close sales, and build my brand.”


Nutritionist, Product developer, mom

Chas understands my business model and mindset. With her guidance, I have been able to make my dream - my dream business.


Jewlery maker, joy-giver, caregiver to her mom

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